A birthday is a time everybody likes to feel a bit more special, irrespective of their age. Dear people’s wishes add to the pleasure. After the first few times, these can be monotonous. This article gives you the chance to be innovative and add some Irish taste to the mix by wishing your loved one with some Best Irish Birthday Wishes.

The Irish peoples are very loving with a warm heart. If you are going Irish birthday party or you want to wish an Irish friend then you must have some good Irish Birthday Wishes for him/her. Irish Birthday Wishes are all about the love and sincerity for the person you are going to wish.

So here we are sharing a huge number of birthday wishes for your Irish friend pick the best one and wish him/her a very happy birthday:

Irish Birthday Wishes:

May you live as long as you like! Happy birthday!

May God grant you a rainbow for all storm. A smile for every tear. A promise for every care. And a blessing in each trial. May he send a faithful friend for all problems. A sweet song for every sigh. And a response to every prayer. Happy birthday!

God loves you, and I believe you should enjoy your day with an Irish birthday party!

You’re not as young as you were, but you’re not as old as you were.

There are two kinds of personalities in the world. The Irish, and those who want them.

If you’re blessed enough to be an Irish, then you’re joyful enough! Happy birthday To You!

Whatever others say, always believe in the power within you, enjoy your today!

My Irish Birthday Wish for u is that your doctor will never get any more cash from you. Happy Birthday To Your My Dear!

May your heart be as light as possible. Happy Irish Birthday <3

Enjoy and save every single beautiful second of your life because you can’t get even a second back in the future.

It’s your birthday today and I want you to know I’m so happy right now.

When joy is a sweet dessert, I wish that life give you more than you can eat.

May you live long, go happy, and lend a mansion in paradise.

Wish your health always be like the capital of Ireland – Always Dublin 🙂

Let all of your joys be true joys and grief be champagne.

Whatever others say to you, believe me when I say I’m proud of you, friend.

Funny Irish Birthday Quotes:

May you die in your bed at the age of 95, killed by a jealous partner.

I count u double when I count my blessings. May God grant you blessings.

May the God keep you in his hand and never tight his fist.

May you be in the paradise before the Devil identifies you dead.

May you live 100 years, with one additional year to repent.

May the saddest day in the future not be worse than your happiest day.

May the Good Lord please you— but not too quickly.

May your coffin be made from a 100-year-old tree that I shall plant tomorrow.

Irish Birthday Blessings:

May God not cripple your hands.

May God grant you many years to live, surely He knows that the earth has far too few angels while the sky is overflowing.

May the roof never fall over us and may we friends gathered underneath never ever fall out.

Wish that you have warm words on a winter night, a supermoon on a dark night and the way down to your doorstep.

May your days love and laugh, and warm your heart and home. Happy Birthday!

As the warmth of the sun And the daylight, may the luck of the Irish shine brightly on your journey.

May your home be too little to keep all your friends.

Always walk through the sunshine, you might never want more. In addition to your door, Irish angels may rest their wings. Happy Birthday To You!

May you live a long life Full of happiness and health, with a gold pocket as the least wealth of you. May the dreams that you hold dearest be the ones that come true, the kindness that you spread, keep coming back.

May the holes in your net not be bigger than the fish in it.

May good luck be your friend in anything you do, may trouble be a stranger for you always. Wishes you the best Irish birthday!

Enjoy your birthday and smile at every problem you face in your life.

Final Words:

Hope you have liked these Irish Birthday Wishes and hope that this makes it easy for you to pick an Irish Birthday wish for your loved one to wish him a very Happy Birthday!

If you have some other Best Irish Birthday Wishes in your mind so drop it in the comment section so we can add them to our list.

Have a blessed day 🙂

List of Best Irish Birthday Wishes For Your Loved Ones
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